A marriage between two teenagers was stopped in one district by district officials. A 17 year old boy and a 16 year old girl were set to have a traditional wedding, organized by the girl’s aunt, the boy’s parents and a few elders. Apparently the girl became pregnant and the adults demanded them to marry. What I don’t understand is A) does the fact that the adults involved are being charged with ‘condemning early marriage’ mean that it was forced, and B) Why is the 17 year old boy being charged with defilement?…………………………… In light of the major water shortages that come regions face, Kenya will soon begin construction on what are called ‘sand dams’, something that I have never heard of before. Apparently they simply build concrete walls across sandy river beds that hold underground water. Whats amazing is that, on average, sand damns can hold up to 10 million liters of water. Cool stuff. Side note: the article states “Women in some parts of Africa spend up to six hours daily in search of water”, and while I already know the answer to this question, what about the men?……………………. There are six articles in this newspaper alone about the Tana River tragedy, where more than 109 people were killed in clashed between different groups. While that is bad enough, there have been many speculations in light of this tragedy as to how the upcoming national elections will go. We all remember how terrible the 2008 elections were, and many commentators are wondering if this isolated incident isn’t simply a taste of future problems………


2 responses to “14/19/12 DAILY NATION

  1. “we all remember how Terri me the 2008 elections were”
    I must have blanked it from my memory or something. Fill me in.

  2. Well, as a result of a history of impunity for political crimes, highly contested election results and long held resentment between different groups, 1,133 people were killed in the two months of violence that followed and at least 663, 000 people were internally displaced. And now we’re 5 months away from the next round of elections.

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