Police have issued a new terror alert after seizing a cache of weaons in Nairobi and arresting two men suspected to have Shabaab links. Police seized four suicide bomb vests, we hand grenades, four AK-47 assault rifles, 480 rounds of ammunition and two home-made bombs. The intended targets were chirches and other public places in Nairobi, Kanyuki and Kisumu. Kisumu, which happens to be only a 40 minute drive away from where I am. Not the most comforting news……….

Due to the current strike, apparently doctors have been reporting to for duty but doing no work. As a result, people seeking treatment sat in the waiting rooms for many hours hoping to be seen by the few doctors actually treating the patients, with most sick people having to return home untreated. I never considered the ethical dilemma a doctor has in regards to striking, essentially making a strike ethically impossible but with no other means of action…..

A glorious two full-page report was in the paper, in which a reporter followed a group of university students around for two weeks. At least for the students that the reporter was with, a typical week consisted of bottle service, pot, hooking up and occasionally studying. The quotes were my favorite part of the article. “I will drink until I get knocked out”, “that (meaning a one-night stand) is the climax to our partying. If you cannot persuade, you purchase (pay for sex).”, “Ondongo’s weekend begins on Friday when he and his friends start drinking in the house then head out to clubs. They play video games on Saturday afternoon and go to Westlands at night. On Sundays, despite the hangover, he wakes up and cleans his house.” Also, apparently there are two commonalities between Canada and Kenya. ONE, the smart thing to do is to drink a lot at your house and then hit the club, saving yourself a lot of money. TWO, women know that they only have to buy one drink at a bar because guys will inevitably buy them more. As one interviewee says, “the other rounds just come.”


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