Residents of a Nyahururu village have asked Kenya Wildlife Service to remove hippos from a nearby water mass. Apparently the hippo population has grown and hippos have been straying into residential areas to graze. Children have been encountering them on their way to school, raising fears of attacks….

Canada made the news today after it declared that has repealed the exemption of Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia passport holders from visa requirements. This is a result of high levels of immigration violations, described as abusing their benefit of visa freedom……

A British theater producer, Davil Cecil, has been released from jail on bail after being arrested for staging a play about a gay man, despite a temporary ban by the country’s media authorities. Not sure how much time he is facing for producing a play……

Interestingly, the ICC Kenya field outreach branch has announced that it is monitoring political campaigns by those it had indicted ahead of the Generla Election. They appealed to the electorate community to help by providing information on member of parliment who might be in the wrong. You know, while I always saw the ICC as being a reactionary organization, I never considered the potential for it to be a preventative entity too…….


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