19/09/2012 DAILY NATION

It would seem that two sites have been discovered that are believed to be mass graves. They were found in the violence-prone county of Tana River, where recent clashes between communities have resulted in over 100 recorded deaths. While police don’t know how many bodies are there, nor the cause of their death, they do report that there are still many people missing in the wake of the conflict. We not wait to see what the pathologists say….

The Kenya National Examinations Council has issued a warning that they have serious concerns over the preparations of candidates for the crucial Standard 8 and Form 4 exams, set to be conducted in October. These exams are crucial for graduating students as they look to be admitted into their desired high school and universities, respectively. A delay in the examinations would trigger an ‘educational crisis’, delaying student’s academic progress. This crisis will effect 820, 255 potential high school prospects and 437, 782 university applicants. The interviewee cited a similar situation in the 1990s, when students had to wait for more than two years to join university…..

A woman kept in remand custody for five days for failing to obey a court order to take her children to hospital was yesterday granted a second chance to avoid jail. Her reason for not taking her child for a health check up? She blames immunization jabs for her child’s poor health. It would seem that misinformation has found its way to all corners of the world…….

A large two page spread was outlining the status of smart phones amongst populations today. While some of it was quite interesting, the section on the potential pitfalls of such connectedness was pretty absurd. It is posited that smart phones might be ‘breeding a class of lazy and poor citizens’, and that ‘scientists say we might end having more Smartphones in the hands of a dumber population in the not-too-distant future’. Right…..

It would seem that two companies in Bomet municipality have been given a week’s notice to stop supplying un-treated water to consumers. Apparently, not only have their water services been irregular and inadequate, but have also been shown to have impurities and pathogens harmful to human health. The cherry on top? Bomet municipality has no sewage facilities and solid waste is emptied directly into the rivers……


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