There is a very vocal debate going on in Parliament in regards to a rule in the new constitution that Parliament must be composed of at least 33% women. Some of the more quantifiable disagreements have to do with potential extra costs to ensure that there is compliance with this rule, for example the argument that there will have to be ‘back up’ contingent of female politicians in all districts to be bumped up to Parliament should the need arise, potentially costing taxpayers approximatelySh4bn. One more notable objection was that “such nominations would lower the dignity of Parliament through the selection of huge number of sycophants. Only elitist and urban women would be picked, including those who would pay for a slot.” Even if that were the case, that is different than the current male dominated political sphere how?……

So a woman was sent to fail for six years, leaving behind three children. It would seem that the children’s aunt felt the best thing to do was to leave the children, all under the age of 9, at the front gate of the prison Saturday evening. The children were taken to a children’s home……


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