For this I simply just wish to share with you what one of my students had recently written about my lesson.  It was a creative writing class and they had free reign on their topic.  Their only constraint was that the paper had to start with the phrase It was a day like any other day…

It was a day like any other day. We were waiting eagerly for our English teacher who is an African lady when suddenly we saw a young man who was an European, marching into our class with a heap of new foreign books. Alas, everybody remained with their mouths open.
Everybody turned to his friend and their cam some endless questions. Will we understand his language? After the lesson, will we be able to remember what he taught? Quietly, we kept our mouths closed as we all remained staring at him.
Suddenly he began talking as we looked at each other and smiled for we looked like lost sheep in the jungle. No body was able to tell at the young man was telling, but our work was just to smile so that he may not recognized that we were understanding, but surely we were getting nothing.
The man continued to talk and for me what I had for my first time was the word Tom. So quickly I knew that he has been trying to say his name. The time for going came and we only see the young man talking to himself as he waved to us the hand and majestically walked out.
We remained laughing and asking each other what had been going on, but none was to tell. Everybody took his luggage and went home, insisting to tell all about had happened that day.

While I suppose I should be mortified that it would seem I was talking to myself for the whole 40 minutes, I must say that it is good to FINALLY get an idea of what my lessons are like for these students.  Looks like I have some lesson planning to do…


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