You know, it isn’t easy to keep your mouth shut when all you want to do is open it wide and let the words come flooding out

Recently, it was explained to me that that two girls had been suspended from the school that I am currently working at.  They were suspended on the ground of ‘unnatural behavior’.  What was explained to me is that evidence has recently surfaced that some of the girls have been engaging in lesbian behavior.  Apparently the staff became aware of this when some of the other students informed them of strange behaviors being displayed by these girls.  In one such case, the one girl would always be complaining that her thighs were itchy, and would insist that certain girls should help by rubbing them better.  As well, it had been reported that there were strange interactions between these girls, in some cases physical and in other cases verbal.

It would seem that there was some sort of love triangle going on between three of the classmates.  Apparently one girl was acting as ‘the man’, while the other girls were acting as ‘the women’, in that favors and acts were being done for ‘the man’ in order to win over her affection and favor.  This might include doing chores for ‘the man’, leaving candy for ‘the man’ to find, ect.  Eventually, it was reported to me that some of the girls in the class “had to do something to stop the act”, so the journals of these ‘perpetrators’ were taken and submitted to the principal.

It would seem that during the time that the staff was deliberating over what to do with these reports, the final nail in the coffin for this love triangle was when one day they were caught by their classmates doing ‘unnatural’ things together in the laboratory.  Apparently these classmates had picked up sticks and were about to deliver their own discipline to “teach these girls a lesson”, when luckily another teacher walked in and broke it up.

So needless to say, the administration decided that the only course of action was to suspend them.  Not only that, but they are now to face the school’s Board of Governors who will decide on the fate of these girls, to allow them back into the school or to expel them permanently.  Apparently this is the end of the line in terms of disciplinary action.  All of this has transpired due to the apparent rules at this Catholic mission sponsored school state which lesbianism is strictly forbidden and must be treated severely.

While the principal admits that she doesn’t care what they do outside of the school, she says that she must uphold these rules if it is going on on school grounds.  It was also stated that stopping this as soon as possible was for their own good, in that they both have exams coming up.  Concern was expressed that this kind of behavior can easily spread like wildfire amongst the students and that it had to be controlled.  Apparently, according to the principal, when it comes to this kind of behavior it is possible “just to stop”, and that if the students are guided properly and given the necessary help this whole lesbian thing can taken out of them.

Needless to say I have been quite flabbergasted by this whole situation.  Perhaps it is because this is the first time I have ever actually experienced homophobia in an institutional setting, but more likely it is due to the fact that many of the people who are prosecuting these students are people I would have never expected this from.  I guess it just goes to show that you can never truly know someone.

I suspect that there might be an ethical problem in publishing this, but the following are the journal entries of one of these prosecuted girls. I decided to include this because it is by far some of the most beautiful writing I have heard in a long time, written by a 16 year old at that.  Just for the record, I have no idea if these girls are actually lesbian or not, but after reading their notes I must say that whatever they are feeling I am most jealous of it.


Diary of Niger Sophie

Dear Pal,

When days are long and nights never end remember that you have a friend.  When there are many trials to bear and no one seems to care, when all your mountain seem to erupt and you feel like giving up when all your plans have gone away you can’t just face another day.  Don’t give up, just count on you having a best friend.  That’s Sophie Niger

Quotes for Rachel:

–        What you feel you mind will matter a lot.

–        If you stay calm you are wise, but if you have hot temper you only show how stupid you are.

–        No matter how dark a cloud is, there is always a star remaining

–        Success is not achieved in a day.  You have to start small, believe in fail on the way, but one day with patience, hard work and discipline you make one

–        Friendship is not about who stayed long, who came first, or who you love the most.  It is all about who came in and never left just like I did

–        Remember, the gates of I don’t care leads to the city of I wish I knew

–        You can close you eyes if things you don’t want to see, but you cannot close your heart from feeling you have the one you love

–        It hurts to love someone and not be loved back

–        Love is the master key that opens the heart and gate of happiness, for come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing the imperfect person perfectly

–        You may be one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person and that me

–        Making a million friends is not a miracle, a miracle is making a friend who will stand by your side a million times no matter what may come through.  Hope you count me in this.

–        Give a thousand chances to you enemies to become your friend, but don’t give your friend chances to become your enemy

–        True friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but for know they are always there for you

–        Each tear has a lesson makes for wiser than by makes you stronger than you know.  Each tear brings you closer to your dream, no mistake, no heart break to take away what you meant to be.

With Compassion (best friend)

When you feel down cause you didn’t get what you want, just sit tight and be happy because God is thinking of something better to give you.  When something happens to you, good or bad, consider what it means.  There’s purpose to life events, to teach you how to laugh more or not to cry too hard.  You cant make someone love you all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize your worth


Gone are the days that we shared everything with her.  Gone are the moments that we used to sit together, giggle and laugh our hearts out.  It’s all gone.  I have lost all the only thing that was precious to my heart.  I am sad, gloomy, and my heart is falling wrecked, bleeding cause I have lost the one I love.

She was good but I can’t believe if she could easily break my heart by leaving me.  It seems to me that she has turned her back on me.

It hurts but since i I don’t have anything to do, I will sit, morn, then when the storm is over I will see the end.  Maybe there will be someone who will see I am of worth, and will love me back.  Please.  What goes around comes around.  I will live to remember this 20th/10/2012.  I took lunch alone, fill of wevils.  I made a card written best friend and I sat with Doreen in the lab sad, but I had to call it a day.  I have learned to do good and expect less.  It shows me why I should be good to people.

–        Niger Sophy to Rachel Nekesa


Today was a Sunday.  I woke up so early to continue with some decorations.  So far my best friend didn’t’ talk to me, I felt bad but with laughter, jessicah and Dohi, I felt like the best was made flowers, rapt the gift and finally took lunch.

They were there for me.  They made me so cheerful that I couldn’t stop smiling.  By that time I had not given up on my best friend, thought I was sad of the thing she was doing to me.  I hope she will one be sorry.

It was during prayer day I told her I knew her song.


Friends are like flowers, beautiful flowers.  Friends are like flowers in the garden of love are you a daisy are you a rose are you a dazzling one for make me what I am.  I make you what you are we will be friends in the garden of love

–        to my best friend

From my heart

I just wonder, do you ever think of me anymore.  Do you?

– From Niger


–        Once we can grasp that each moment contains some signs of the will of God we can find in it all we can possibly desire, for there is nothing more reasonable, more excellent, more holy than his will.

–        God truly helps us, however much we may feel we have lost his support

  • Niger

Best moment

My best friend was sad cause of I wanted to do she couldn’t believe her ears that I wanted to betray her.

She brought sense to my hear, reminded me of the good times we had, the secrets we shared and where we came was far.  She couldn’t understand why I had to do this.

I begged her for forgiveness.  She truly forgave me and promised to love me and be there for me.  I didn’t expect that cause I had given up in life.  She is the reason why I live and smile ever day

– my best friend

She may be one person in the world but she is the world to me.


We faced the deputy me and Rachel.  I was not feeling so well she told us of the news that she was getting, asked us weather they were true.  We denied.  Later on she called me back in her office, asked me where I live, the name of my parent, occupation, asked about my siblings and my health condition.

I told her I was supposed to go for medication by coming to school, the doctor had said that my body has a lot of blood, so she advised me to do a lot of exercise 4 my body 2 be existed.  She told me that the condition of my mum had once worsened, but dad told her not to tell me, so she kept it a secret. Besides, she said I am an A material in list all I had to do is add some two A’s, then I have an entry to the university That I should avoid problems, and rumors to make my mom happy cause…

A Happy Day 27/11/12

The morning was wow!  I woke up so happy cause the night by she told me she was happy to c me smile.  Besides am so so happy my best friend is back to normal she is the old Rachel I knew loving, caring, nice and she doesn’t wanna see me sad all I have to do is smile that makes her sure am not dad.  She is their to give me company.  Wow!  I just love this maybe she a kind of friend that people say she came and left a footprint in my heart that no matter what she will never get a chance of leaving the special place I have placed her in me.

The Worst Day

– IT was on 28th/11/12 on a Sunday when my best friend was given a suspension of 2 weeks at home without considering that she had an exam the deputy sent her away.  It was the worst day for me cause afterwards I cried for the two days not knowing what I will do 4 the coming day.  When I woke up on Monday the first thing to say was that I love you Rachel, then following the names of my family I prayed to God that she may not transfer so that she may find a way out of this.  I felt hurt I deeply hoped that won’t transfer cause I could not imaging I being in school without her presence she was my advisory and was the one who kept me going cause she was always their saying I am her best friend if you have a problem pliz tell it to me “You know I will always listen to u”, don’t cry when the sun goes down for the tears will prevent you from seeing the stars this was from the book when the sun goes down she read it to me before surrendering to bed.  Dear God, listen to my pleas and don’t let her give up, don’t let her transfer.


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