I see the dude beside us at the bar, dressed with his best and looking confident.  I had noticed him before, coming in alone and just watching the football match.  He’s a young dude, probably a student at the nearby University, probably just coming here to chill and relax.  However, I can see it coming a mile away as he starts to order double shots of vodka to go with his Sprite.

I cringe as I notice that he is being consistently ignored by the bartenders.  Even as he reaches forward to put money in their path, it would seem that the bartenders have more important things to take care of, and this guy is starting to become visibly frustrated by this.  There is nothing worse in a night out than to be ignored by the bartender.  Perhaps ignored is the wrong word, as I doubt any working bartender would purposefully ignore a client, but in reality we all enter a club/bar feeling like the center of the world, and no one appreciates being reminded that in fact we are not.  Needless to say, he eventually has his order filled and the Smirnov is flowing through his veins.

And then he does the turn around.  I’ve seen it before, done by many people; there is a certain almost predatory-like look on his face as he is obviously in the mood to find a target.  Luck be upon him, his eyes lock onto an extremely good looking University aged woman sitting on the bench across from his seat.  He seems to be locked in his gaze, his focus unwavering and his eyes in absolute focus ashe starts to plan his move.  I can see that he is getting into position. The swagger is put on when he drops the right shoulder a bit as he starts to rub his hands together, as if he is starved and there is a feast laying infront of him.

Then he makes his move.  Ill hand it to him, the dude has confidence.  He simply reaches his hand through her group of friends with whom she is sitting beside and talking with, and motions for her to come on up to him.  The reason I’ll hand it to him is because it works; she’s up and at his side, no problem.  They start to grinding together and it is some of the most sexual dancing I have ever seen.  While back home we might try and subdue the sexual intensions in our dance, here these two aren’t hiding anything, grinding in every possible way they can.  They are rubbing, moving, thrusting with each other like you have never seen, tho not being uncommon here in Kenya.  It would seem that that this dude has done it, pulled out the moves and got the win.

But then as soon as it has begun it is over.  Seemingly all of a sudden, she gives him a nod of the head and jumps back into her seat to join her friends.  The dude is left with a somewhat confused look on his face, standing there in the middle of the open floor, obviously wondering why things ended so fast.  He continues to stand there, looking around the room, then looking back at her, until I suppose he eventually accepts his situation and returns to his seat and his glass of now warm vodka.

And that’s where he remains for a good long while.  Sitting there by himself once again, sipping his drink, casually looking around the room, when in reality not-so-subtly looking at her.  Eye contact – that’s all he needs right now.  I’m sure that he’s sure that she is enticed, seduced to be more accurate, but that she is simply playing hard to get.  The thought is probably that just a little eye contact will be all that it takes to ignite that flame of attraction.

However, it doesn’t seem to be working like that.  Here it is, an hour later, and things have stalled completely.  The dude is now looking a bit anxious, increasing the number of glances he sends across the floor to her, but it doesn’t seem to be working.  She is too engrossed with her friends, or possibly consciously ignoring the dude, and appears to be unaware of his emanating attraction.  At the start of the new song that is being played, one of her friends then jumps up and pulls her up to dance.  These two friends are dancing up a storm, movin’ together and having a great time, all the while the dude is just watching…waiting.

And then he sees his chance.  She has one leg perched on the table, the other leg on the ground, with her back to the dude and shakin all of her glorious bodily endowments for him to see, but seemingly unaware of his burning interest and motivation.  He sees his chance and he pounces, quickly leaping out of his seat and getting right up behind her, pressing himself onto her, getting back to the pseudo-sexual ecstasy that they had before.

Unfortunately for him it is not meant to be.  With a look of disinterest, almost annoyance on her face, she quickly moves away and returns to the safety of her friends, leaving the dude once again standing by himself looking just as confused, just as disappointed, just as alone.  His mind has been playing tricks on him, convincing him of what wasn’t there, and convincing him that his sexuality was enough to win her over and to reel her in.  In reality, though, it was all a castle made of sand, and the crushing reality of the situation is now starting to seep in.  Perhaps it will work the next time, as I’m sure it has worked before, but unfortunately at this time, in this moment, it has not worked and the taste is bitter.

With a look of disappointment he heads back to his seat and orders another drink


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