So after an afternoon with the boss at the office, I had finally escaped by 3:30pm. I knew that I still had some time before I would make it home, not because my house is far away from the office, but because I’ll have to stop and say hi to people along the way. Stopped into the small family run hotel (which is what they call many restaurants here), to see David, the young 22 year old culinary entrepreneur, shook hands with the old geriatric security guard, and ended up at my favorite little tea shack to buy myself a mango. Wouldn’t you know it, there I met this young pastor who seemed particularly evangelical, and seeing as how one of my favorite hobbies is to apply my agnosticism to the ideas of the religiously inclined, we had a wicked hour long talk about everything. By talk I mean he did most of the talking, as I didn’t quite feel like arguing too much on this particular day. Plus, pastors are specifically trained in the art of verbal communication, so one has to be especially adamant if they hope to actually get a word in in amongst the barrage of syllables.
By 5:30pm I finally made it inside my compound. After assuring the guard dogs that I was not there to rob the house, I was able to step into my house, locking the thick metal gate behind me.
The routine is simple and predictable. Soon after getting home, one of the first things that must be done is to throw on a cup of rice. this is cause it takes some time anyways, and allows me to leave it while I do my thang. The computer goes on as I walk by, stepping into the bedroom to put on clothes that won’t keep me sweating. Usually the computer is taken to the front porch, where I both read the days newspaper and creep on Facebook in tandem. The rice is ready, and as I listen to ‘roots, rock reggae’ I get the sukuma wiki chopped and cooking.
Dinner is served as I read e-mails and listen to some kind of podcast. This is one of my favorite times of the day, when all of the business from before is over, and there are many hours ahead that are all to myself and my own desires. After food any number of things happen: work on one of the plethora of reports that I still have to write, compose another story/observation/idea for the blog, reply to the endless e-mails in my inbox, read some more of my book called ‘The Blue Sweater” (awesome book about international NGO work), browse the internet; the world is my playground.
By 8:30 the glass of super cheap Kenyan brandy is in my hand and by 9:30 I am considering going to bed. I know, its crazy right, going to bed before midnight, but I tell ya, as the world begins moving early in the morning one has to accept an earlier bedtime.  I always try to read as I lay in bed, but i’ll be lucky if I’m able to get through two pages before the eyes grow too heavy. I must check that the mosquito net is completely secure around before I succumb to the night.
Another day gone.


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