To my friends and followers,

I write this today to ask for you help.  As you may already know, I am currently working in Kenya with an education based NGO called ‘Community Education Services’.  While doing this work I come across many problems facing the students of Kenya, and working along side some amazing people we are searching for ways to help.  In the spirit of the Christmas season, I decided that I wanted to start a personal project, to tackle one particular problem that I have come across.


I became aware of the problem on my first day of teaching at Bishop Sulumeti Girls Secondary School.  I walked into class, eager and ready to give my prepared lesson, and asked my new students to get out their textbooks so that we may begin.  To my surprise, the entire class rose to their feet started to move into groups of 4 or 5.  Each group huddled around one desk with each student leaning over one the one textbook in the group.  What I learned then and there was that in this class of 52 students there were only approx. 11 textbooks for them to share.  Realizing that my lesson was now going to have to drastically change, we carried on as best as we could.

Upon further investigation, I was shocked again to realize that this acute lack of textbooks was not just experienced by my Form 2 class, but by almost every class of every subject in that school.  On average, there is only one textbook for every five students for each subject at Bishop Sulumeti SS.  While some classes of certain subjects have a better ratio, other classes actually fair much worse.  For example, in some of the geography classes, there is only one textbook for every 13 students.  As you can guess, it is impossible for 13 students to huddle around one textbook, so often it is the case the book is not used at all.

I spent a total of five weeks teaching at Bishop Sulumeti SS and I loved every minute of it.  The students are some of the hardest working young adults that I have ever met, and this is only complemented by the dedication and passion demonstrated by the teachers.  These students possess the drive and determination to achieve their academic potential, to improve their lives, and yet often all that they are missing are the basic materials necessary to enable this to happen.

I saw the problems that arise when 5 students have to share one text book, how impossible it is to fully utilize their time, and I decided that I wanted to try and help.  Bishop Sulumeti SS invited me into their world with open arms, and it is only appropriate that I attempt to reciprocate such kindness.  However, I cannot achieve this by myself, and thus I reach out to you for help.

A Need for More Textbooks.

While something like a textbook seems like a simple thing to obtain, it is only with the help of people like you that Bishop Sulumeti SS will be able to improve their situation.  That is why the CES Library Project was created.  My goal is to raise $3000 CAD in order to provide 500 new textbooks to the school.  A financial gift from you is desperately needed to reach this goal.  At a cost of only $6 CAD per textbook, a gift from you will have a huge impact.  Here’s an example of what your gift will achieve.

$20 – will provide 3 new textbooks

$50 – will provide 8 new textbooks

$100 – will provide 16 new textbooks.

Of course, a gift of any amount will be most graciously appreciated.  Your gift will ensure that these students have the best chance possible to achieve their full academic potential.

On behalf of the students at Bishop Sulumet SS I thank you in advance and wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Asante sana,


How to Donate

1.  Go to cescan.ca

2.  Click on ‘Online Donation’, found at the bottom of the home screen










3.  Click the ‘Donate Now’ link on the new window













4.  Click the ‘Fund/Designation’ drop down menu and select the ‘CES Library Project’.  You will then see a brief description of the project. 









5.  Donate as much or as little as you want.  Remember, each book only costs approx. $6 CAD, so even a little can go a long way!!

Asante sana (Thank you) for your support!  The students at Bishops Sulumeti SS thank you!!


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