Just Another Day in Paradise

Rather than one particular story, I suppose I’d rather share what a typical day is like for us in Kakamega.  I may have told you before that on this trip I actually have roommates to live with, two Canadian compadres who traveled to Kenya with me to work on some of our projects.

As I tend to wake up a number of hours before they do, my mornings begin with the peaceful early morning quiet. Sitting in the comfy couch on our front porch, I get a good couple of hours to myself to sip milk tea, do some of my computer work (emails, facebook, articles, ect), and just chill.

Other people will come in and out of the house and we have a brief conversation, but nothing more than passing pleasantries. Eventually my roommates will emerge and join me in the Outdoor LivingRoom (OLR). There we all do our own business, talk about nothing and everything, and basically do as we please for the rest of the morning.

By mid day we all get a little restless and will start to brainstorm about what we can do in town. Considering that this is the first time either of them has been to Kenya/Africa, it is a must that we go out and meander through the city, at least for a little while.

I have to remind myself that as this is only their first week in Kakamega they still experience the awe and wonder of being in such a foreign environment. Having lived here for 6 moths already, the awe in me is a bit subdued, things instead feeling more mundane and expected.

So perhaps we actually have some business to take care of, maybe we need to pick up some house supplies, or maybe we do nothing more than find a new street to explore, but eventually we get up and do something. I tell ya, half of the time these strolls are spent just talking to the myriad of people we come across, causing a 30 minute trek to take over an hour. Sawa sawa (it’s ok), I suppose that that is why we are here.

Eventually we grow tired and make our wa184555_4391699604301_1507620707_ny back home. They day is done and we can settle into the comfort of the castle that we now live in. When I say castle I really mean it. This house is so freakin nice that I can’t believe that I’m actually living here. With a plethora of couches, a sizable kitchen (though with a few mice here and there), a fully functional dining room table decorated quite tastefully, this place would be desirable by anyone’s standards.

We will lounge around for a while doing our own work, playing guitar, getting into one of our long, snaking conversations, or what have you, basically chillaxin to the max. Eventually we get hungry and descend into the kitchen where we pull together some kind of vegetable/rice stir-fry concoction in a team effort.

Dinner is taken at the dining room table where the conversations continue to twist and turn, and we will wind up back in the living room continuing with the relaxation. The eyes grow weary, head off to bed, rinse and repeat.

If life gets any better than this I don’t want to know.


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