KENYA NEWS – May 14, 2013

53, 000 Set to Join Public Universities

                This year 53, 010 students have been admitted to the 22 public universities in Kenya.  This is apparently an increase of about 11, 000 students from the previous year in which 42, 000 students got places.  Apparently the admissions board lowered the cut-off points for female learners from a B to a B- grade, while boys remain with a B cut off.  As there is an affirmative action criteria in place, 2,979 more female students were admitted and an additional 94 from arid areas who scored a C+ and above.–/-/1056/1851722/-/l0o0flz/-/index.html

Wildlife Lobby Boss Denies Ivory Charge

Apparently a director of a wildlife conservation lobby and her son were charged with illegal possession of game trophies.  They were arrested for allegedly having six elephant tusks.  This is the opposite of what anyone would want to hear consider the seriousness of the poaching problem in Kenya.  Of course, the two defendants denied all charges.

Club for World’s Richest Opens in Three Months

Kenya will soon be home to Africa’s first Billionaires resort.  The SH500 million luxury resort, being built by an Italian tycoon, is being constructed on the east coast of the country and will be home to the “very wealthy people who love malindi”.  Apparently 10 Kenyan employees were undergoing training in Italy, and that “the majority of workers will be locals to promote the people of MAlindi and Kenya at large.”  We’ll just wait and see about that.

Student Succumbs to Arrow Injuries

Last week a Form 2 studetn from the troubled Tana Delta Distruct was shot in the face with an arrow during an argument with another man.  The boy died yesterday morning while receiving treatment at his hospital.  What is most shociking about this is that the apparently the boy’s life saving operation was delayed by doctors for more than 10 hours, something that the family is outraged about.  The hospital has made no comment.


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