I made my way down to the little restaurant in the apartment complex and struck up a conversation with the waiter standing there.  With not one soul to be seen  I figured that he must be quite bored of his situation.  Wycleffe Mashait is a jolly looking man.  He wore a smart uniform of a red African shirt with collar embellishments and a slick pair of black pants.  One hour later we had covered  just about everything there was to cover.

Some excerpts:

Inadequate feelings

Don’t worry about what the other people are doing with their lives.  What they do won’t necessarily make you happy, just as what you do won’t necessarily make them happy.  If you enjoy talking with people then do that above all else, or else fall into a bad way.  Find your ‘thing’ and head towards it.

The Man in the Nice Apartment

The man works for a successful business, and as such he has earned money according to that success.  This person should use what he has in a way that makes him happy.  If he wants a nice car he should buy a nice car.  If he wants to spend the money on friends then he should spend the money on friends.  It’s their choice

Past, Present, and Future

Don’t think about the past.  The past is what it is and cannot be changed.  The only thing that can be changed is the future, and this happens as a result of what you do now in the present


I wake up, I go to work, and I hope that there are no problems that day.  Whatever money I make I am happy to receive.  Perhaps I will make more money in the future, but for now I am happy with what I’ve got.


While all of it is somewhat self evident, it is definitely good to actually hear it once in a while.  For a random stranger conversation I couldn’t have been happier.


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