To my friends and followers,

I write this today to ask for your help.  In 2013 I spent a total of 9 months working in Kenya with an Canadian education based NGO called ‘Community Education Services’.  While doing this work I came across many problems facing the students of Kenya, and working alongside some amazing people we are searched for ways to help.   As my time in Kenya has officially come to an end, I wanted to start a personal project, to tackle one particular problem that I have came across at one of our schools.

Friends School Musaga SS has emerged from where there was nothing.  Founded In 2007, this remote rural Kenyan school was created in an effort to provide a more convenient location for the local high school students obtain their education. Prior to this the student’s were forced to walk many kilometers each and every day just to study at the nearest high school.

Musaga SS, however, was nothing more than an idea in 2007.  With no actual buildings or structures to serve as the high school, the students had nowhere to study and receive their lessons.  Some students would occupy either one of the classrooms of the neighboring primary school or the nearby the Quaker church, while others would simply just gather under the shade of a tree and receive their day’s lessons.

In 2011 real moves towards improving the situation were made when members of CES Canada/Kenya arrived at Musaga SS to officially break ground and begin their efforts to build classrooms for these students.  Thanks to the efforts of many generous CES Canada members from Thunder Bay, Ontario, by May of 2013 five classrooms had been completed and the students were able to continue their studies.

While Musaga SS has seen great progress over the years it still lacks many of the things that we would consider basic necessities for a school.  One of the most egregious of these being access to electricity, and that the school currently has no access to electricity.

Shrouded in Darkness

                As you might expect, being disconnected from the electrical grid has numerous negative implications for the students and staff.  The secretary spends much of her day tapping away at the typewriter, as a computer is out of the question.  The principal must always has an adequate supply of candles in his office in case he should want to continue to work into the twilight hours.  Most unfortunate of all, this lack of electricity negatively affects the student’s ability to effectively learn.  As explained by CES student Titus Urando:

“We as students arrive at school as early as 5:30am, but we find it difficult to read because there is no light.  Therefore, we are forced to wait until 7:00am so that we can read.”

You can imagine a school of students all sitting in their dark classroom, waiting for the sun to rise.  A school like this will find it impossible to compete with other schools, to provide and equal and effective education to their students.

A Need for Help

It is for this reason that the school has reached out in search of support to improve their condition.  It is only through the support of people like you that Musaga Secondary School will be able to connect to the local electrical grid and to bring light into it’s classrooms.  The goal is to raise the $3071 CAD needed to install the electrical infrastructure and connect it to the local power source.  This quote was obtained from the government surveyors and local contractors responsible for the job.

                While this might seem like a lot of money, if people come together and work towards achieving this goal it should be no problem.  It is only through the efforts of the many that great things can be achieved.  Whether big or small, your donation will bring us that much closer to achieving our goal.  If everyone is able to look under the sofa cushions and find just $20 we will raise the necessary money in no time.  Any and all donations that you can provide will greatly appreciate by the 300+ student body and 14 staff/administration members.

Please note that all donations are tax deductible and a receipt can be obtained upon request.  If you have any questions or comments about the project please contact me at thomas.conant@mail.mcgill.ca.

Oh behalf of the students at Musaga SS I thank you in advance.



If you wish to donate mailing a personal cheque, the mailing address is

Michael Frederiksen
President, CES Canada
8 Pine Lane RR#1 Barrie ON
Canada L4M 4Y8

Please indicate on the cheque that it is to be used for the ‘Musaga SS Electricity Project’



1.  Go to cescan.ca

2.  Click on ‘Online Donation’, found at the bottom of the home screen

donation pic 1

3.  Click the ‘Donate Now’ link on the new window

donation pic 2

4.  Click the ‘Fund/Designation’ drop down menu and select the ‘Electricity to Musaga SS’.  You will then see a brief description of the project. 

Donation Information pic

5.  Donate as much or as little as you want.  Remember:  every little bit can help bring light to the students of Musaga SS.

Please not that all donations are tax deductible and a receipt can be available upon request. 


Asante sana (Thank you) for your support!  The students at Musaga SS thank you!!!


 Tom Conant

Jeff White

Youth Volunteers – CES Canada



  1. Hi Tom
    I hope to send a donation for your project directly to Michael as we lose some % if donations go through canada helps.
    It was so good to meet you while in kenya

    • Sawa, I appreciate the support!! Michael said that he has no problem with supporters sending their donation directly to him if they should want to. I assume that you have his address, right?
      It was fantastic traveling around KAkamega with you as well!

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